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mcaran 10-30-12 09:30 AM

Missing Maps

I didnīt find any topic specific to list missing maps so I decided do create one.

Shadow Labirinth map is missing.

Catitude 11-14-12 03:47 PM

Another Missing Map
Ruby Sanctum Map does not seem to exist.
I do NOT have Carbonite's Minimap merged with Blizz Minimap as I use Spartan UI.
I use Carbonite in a separate location.
I'll be running quite a bit of older content in the next few weeks & I'll add any others I find here.

Edit: It is NOT showing up as green which is a distinctly different problem noted by others.
It does wildly change zones showing me as being at the Wyrmrest Temple one moment & then Scholazar Basin, Ice Crown, Howling Fjiord etc as if it simply has no idea where I am.

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