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cothurn 10-31-12 05:41 PM

shadow pan monastery-last boss bug with extra button?!
every time(actually not every time but usually) the meditation button my whole skill bar disappears----nothing that i can press. i tried to drag something back in, but i cant

Xrystal 10-31-12 05:57 PM

This is something we haven't figured out why it is working this way. It doesn't do this when the extra action bar shows at other times .. just on this boss.

spiel2001 11-01-12 04:06 PM

I'm kind of curious.... is it there when you *really* need it and gone when you don't? Or is it missing when you need it?

Xrystal 11-01-12 04:47 PM

From what I understand from the other post about this .. the main action bar is up all the time for normal fighting and the extra action button is up all the time for you to meditate when you are able to and ultimately when you have to. Instead of popping up and disappearing when you click on it the extra button stays there all the time. Unfortunately for this fight alone ( so far ) you need both the extra bar always up and the main action bar always up. Why for this fight alone it isn't doing that I don't know. If I stumblle into one of those runs I;ll panic rofl .. especially if I am tanking haha .. and then I'll try and stab some screen shots out. But I dont run them often so if others can try this then that would be great.

jwitsman 11-02-12 06:03 PM

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There is a Klaxxi buff that does this also. Master of Puppets from Kaz'tik the Manipulator. Puts up button to charm a pet. Bonus is you can take your time to work with it :D

Xrystal 11-02-12 10:23 PM

cool thanks .. in between the guild running me through dungeons rofl .. I'll see if I can locate that quest on the girls that have started the klaxxi quests.

twizt3dkitty 11-06-12 08:40 PM

Not sure if It would be any help, but the macro we were using back when DS went live (posted at bottom) perhaps that could be of some help? Obviously the Showtooltip would need to be changed.

jwitsman 11-13-12 10:58 PM

Just an update.. it also does in in Dragon Soul on both bosses that use the button. Button comes up.. main bar gone.

Any word on a fix? please!!! :D

spiel2001 11-14-12 09:14 AM

What version of nUI is being reported as intalled when you log in?

Xrystal 11-14-12 02:56 PM

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Well here is the extra action button appearing constantly whenever I zone into klaxxi area and as you can see the main action bar is there as clear as day. Not sure why the dungeon would work any different.

Daveo77 11-14-12 03:29 PM

I've had no problems with nUI v5.07.28 with dailies, dungeons, or raids.

The extra action button appears when it is needed, and my main action bar is always visible and usable as well.

jwitsman 11-15-12 07:42 AM

I was on 5.07.27 for some reason when I downloaded the last patch it didn't get in installed.. :o

Xrystal 11-15-12 09:02 AM

whew. At least it wasn't because of some wacky new system blizzard added. Which I was afraid of.

cdh555 11-16-12 12:25 PM

One place the exit vehicle button doesn't appear properly is the quest for the order of the cloud serpant when you are doing the course on your serpent. A /nui rl is reuired at the end to get the button to appear. It does replace the last button on normal action bar with the graphic - but it still does the operation that is normally mapped to that location. (the = position as in top right on the bar)

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