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gmarco 11-02-12 09:52 AM

I am italian, and now we have the wow client in our language too.

I'd like to modify my macro to use the spell id and item id so I don't have to change them everytime I switch from the game in english and in italian.

For example now I have a simple macro:

/y I am resurrecting %t
/cast [combat] Rebirth ; Revive

And this obviusly doesn't work when I start the game in italian.
I'd like to write it like:

/y I am resurrecting %t
/cast [combat] spell:20484 ; spell:50769

but it seems not possible.

Instead it seems to works something like, for example:

/use item:86569 --> for crystal of insanity.

So it works for items, but not for spell or mount (I think they are spell too).

The questions are ... :-)

1) Am I miss something or it is in this way ?

2) Could I try to use the castspellbyid wow api function in any way and if yes can someone post some example ?

3) Last thing: if everything above is impossible is there an addon that can let us spellid or simplify the dual locale management of the macro ?

Thanks everyone.

Vlad 11-02-12 10:51 AM

Can't cast spells by id as "spell:" is not implemented in the macro system.

Can't use lua either as the function is protected.

Dridzt 11-02-12 10:54 AM

What would probably work is have each spell twice in your macro.

Shift-click them from your spellbook in each language.

I mean something like:
/cast EnglishName
/cast ItalianName

It should skip whichever doesn't exist and move to the next.

SDPhantom 11-02-12 12:48 PM

Also to note, Even though Spell IDs don't work, Item IDs do. There are also other ways to use items. You can refer to the inventory slot they're equipped in for equipped items and you can also refer to Bag & Slot IDs.


#Use Hearthstone by ItemID 6948
/use 6948


#Activate Trinket 1 by InventoryID 13
/use 13


#Activate item in Bag 0, Slot 1
#Bag IDs range 0-4 increasing right-to-left (Bag 0 is Backpack)
#Slot IDs start at index 1, increasing left-to-right, then top-to-bottom (Slot 1 is upper left slot)
/use 0 1

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