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Brainn 11-14-12 12:57 AM

[Bug] Actionbar switching
Using the Defaultui option for my main actionbar, there is a bug i noticed only during the Amber-Shaper Un'sok encounter. During the encounter you get transformed into some abomination and gain special abilitys you need to use. The actionbar switches to another state, but you only get an empty bar without any spells on it. The result of the missing buttons is that you cant play that encounter with rdx actionbars, since without the buttons you will a) wipe your raid or b) just die.
If you need any specific details i can check whatever information you need later this week.

Any other place / quest / encounter / whatever i checked that uses bar-swapping it works without any problem.

sigg 11-15-12 12:04 PM

Hi Brainn

That mean the bar offset is not good for one state. I am not able to test this because I don't play a lot this last time. I need you to do this :

Default UI is
[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] 10; [overridebar] 11; [possessbar] 11; [vehicleui] 11;

We need to know whitch state is call and what is the good page offset.

Step one identify the state
try to replace the default ui by this
[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] a; [overridebar] b; [possessbar] c; [vehicleui] d;

In the file
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\RDX\Designs\Lists\ActionBarsHandler.lua

line 127, uncomment the line "print" below
if name == 'state-page' then
--print("new state " .. value);
newpage = value;

In the game, activate chatframe of blizzard from the menu RDX settings.
In the chatframe, you will see a, b, c or d when you are transformed. This will indicate which state has been triggered.

In the default ui, replace back the values
[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] 10; [overridebar] 11; [possessbar] 11; [vehicleui] 11;

Replace the offset 11 by 10 and see what happen.

Thanks you

Kcori 11-15-12 09:46 PM

[bar:2] 1; [bar:3] 2; [bar:4] 3; [bar:5] 4; [bar:6] 5; [bonusbar:5] 10; [overridebar] 13; [possessbar] 11; [vehicleui] 11;

By changing the overridebar to 13 instead of 11 seems to work

zork 11-16-12 05:50 AM

Hi Sigg. You may want to check:

I posted some ElvUI snippets.

There is no bonusbar condition anymore. You can get the vehicle and override bar index via functions (and use string.format to get that number into your condition, like ElvUI does)

Kcori is correct. The index numbers have changed.

What we are currently missing is conditions that return state for tempshapeshift and bonusbar. We had one for bonusbar but that got removed afaik.

sigg 11-16-12 12:06 PM

Thanks you guys.

I have updated the code.

From what I see "[bonusbar:1,stealth] 5; [bonusbar:1] 6; [bonusbar:2] 7; [bonusbar:3] 8; [bonusbar:4] 9;" are still working for druid stance.

zork 11-17-12 06:39 AM

Well that is actually pretty interesting. This would actually mean that [bonusbar] is still a usable macro condition. This only leaves out the tempshapeshift condition.

Brainn 11-18-12 08:12 AM

just tested the new update, seems to be working now :)

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