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HonorGoG 11-14-12 02:22 AM

svn: invalid authz configuration
This is what I'm seeing today for my Titan Panel repository. According to Google, someone changed the permissions to an undefined group. Damn you Unix and your groups! Unix is very user friendly -- it's just particular about who it's friends are. Can some admin kick the server a few times? Thanks.

Dolby 11-14-12 02:23 AM

Sorry what is the error you are getting and what are you doing to get it?

HonorGoG 11-15-12 06:40 AM

Attempt to update my SVN. Upon doing so I'm receiving a "svn: invalid authz configuration". Google is saying that it's a server-level group configuration problem. Did you change something in the SVN?

Dolby 11-15-12 06:32 PM

Have you tried to add / remove any team members recently that failed? authz is the config file for your SVN.

Looking at your authz for the titan repo it looks like Asixandur was added but not given read or write access. Go into your team options and either remove that account, or assign read / write access for that account.

If you still have trouble I'll need the name-id of the SVN repo.

HonorGoG 11-16-12 02:28 AM

That did it. Thanks Dolby. I'm not sure why the read/write didn't take the first time. Also, I upgraded from SVN 1.4.4 to 1.6.19 so I should be in pretty good shape for a while.

Thanks again.

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