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pallypuffy 11-17-12 07:44 PM

Spartan ui rotation swap
I just got spartan and other then I will take some getting use to . I cant figure out how to switch rotations. Can some one pleas help me? thanks

Seerah 11-17-12 09:51 PM

If by "rotations" you mean talent specs, then use the keybind to open your talent frame (by default, it's N).

pallypuffy 11-18-12 09:40 AM

spartan ui
I mean as in going from single target rotation to multi target rotation.

Seerah 11-18-12 03:40 PM

I am still confused. Your "rotation" is the order of spells which you use. You then use these spells by clicking the buttons your spells are on or pressing a keybind for each spell. I don't think Spartan UI tells you what your rotation should be.

If you want to move the spells on the action bar, the spells may be locked in Interface Options. You can turn this off or hold shift to bypass it.

If you want to page your bars and are missing the up/down arrows that the default UI has, there are keybinds for this.

Phanx 11-19-12 01:28 AM

Well, since he said:


Originally Posted by pallypuffy (Post 269050)
I just got spartan and other...

I'm guessing he downloaded SpartanUI plus some unknown number of unknown other addons, and one of those is a "rotation helper".

@pallypuffy: We need the name of the addon you're using to suggest your rotation. Without knowing which addon you are using, there's just no way we can help you with using it. If you don't know, just post a list of all of the addons you have installed.

Seerah 11-19-12 03:42 PM

I read that as "other than it taking some getting used to, I need help with this thing" if you take those 2 words with the rest of the context. /shrug

Phanx 11-19-12 04:46 PM

Yeah, it's not really clear. He did capitalize "I" in "I will take some getting used to", so I took it one way, but the grammar is mangled enough that it could go either way. Not sure if he's a non-native speaker, or just a lazy 1990s-cellphone-keypad typer.

pallypuffy, you need to clarify what you're talking about before we can help you any more. If you're having trouble describing it, you can just post a screenshot showing the rotation helper on your screen.

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