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Kippereast 11-19-12 10:55 PM

HealBot Problem
I am running a Restro Druid, using NUI and Healbot when doing dungeons. Normally everything is great except for one thing.
I like to place me focus on the party's tank, so that I can target some of the spells, but since I incorporated Healbot into NUI, each time I click Focus for the tank, NUI crashes. I get a message giving me the choice of "Disable" which shuts down NUI, but allows me to use Focus and Healbot. The other option gives me "Ignore", which leaves NUI running, which Healbot in it's window, but no focus. In fact I sometimes lose access to "Swiftmend" and "Nourish" but not everytime, when I select ""Ignore".
Overall I am very happy with the integration of all additional addons used with NUI, except for the lack of focus. My problems with "Swiftmend" and "Nourish" , so I think it is possible that the source of that problem might be something else.
So my question is "Has anybody else run into the Focus problem, and if so how did you handle it
Thanks for your help in advance.

Level 61 Feral/Restro Druid
Blackwater Raiders

Nova Scotia Canada

Chmee 11-20-12 10:03 AM

nUI does not "crash". What is happening is that there is a bug in Blizzard's code that causes attempts to set focus by clicking to be treated as tainted - illegally attempting to access a protected function. This is a well known problem that has been discussed over and over again in these forums.

IIRC, you can use a focus macro, or the /focus command, to set your focus without problems. If that doesn't work, I suggest you search these forums for a solution. As for fixing the bug, that's up to Blizzard.

Kippereast 11-20-12 06:58 PM

Thanks for the help

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