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ced_1973 11-25-12 12:17 PM

ETA on Nui 6
Is there an ETA on Nui 6. I understand it's in Alpha phase and only supporters get to test it.

I have been using NUI for several years and would love to be able to get in on the new version.

Any info would be nice.

Chmee 11-25-12 01:47 PM

Scott will serve no wine before its time. :cool:

twizt3dkitty 11-26-12 02:21 AM

Simple donation gets you in, the alpha is very well built, i run it as my default ui, theres some bugs here and there, and lots of features are missing, but it is being rebuilt from the ground up. You get used to not having infopanels, and more stuff is added with each release, I recommend making a simple donation. As someone not affiliated with scott or nui in anyway, I would say the guy deserves any donations made from his work.

awesomsauce 11-27-12 02:12 PM

nUI 6 and beyond
I wish you all the success in the redevelopment of this UI package. Unfortunately, I am going to have to take another path to find what I need. I have been using nUI for quite a while. I just seem to lag out too bad to raid with it. CTMods has always been my standby when I go back into raiding, and I presume that is where I will start.

Djinn.Crimsora 11-27-12 09:35 PM

Part of the problem with nUI right now is that 5.1 went live today, and for some reason there's some coding that's causing latency/lag to increase during combat because it's clashing against some new coding string.

Until we get either a hotfix for the live version of nUI5 or nUI6 is finally released to the masses, I'm unfortunately having to play with the default UI myself.

Djinn.Crimsora 11-27-12 10:04 PM

Actually, now that I think about it - what most likely is going on with 5.1 & nUI5 is that they created the new element that displays a banner on your screen when you lose control of your character, what's causing it, and how much longer you aren't in control.

awesomsauce 11-28-12 03:10 AM

I attempted Sha of Anger before making the change. My lag was terrible, even though my latency constantly pings around 45ms. My FPS dropped to about 20. I made the change to CTMod, setup my buttons, etc. I went back to Kun Lai Summit to help on another Sha kill. Zero lag, latency stayed at normal, and my FPS was never below 75.

I do understand that the some of the changes included in the patch made today worse, but I have had consistent ongoing issues with this.

Djinn.Crimsora 11-28-12 03:45 AM

What you're not taking into account here Sauce, is that Scott is focusing all the time he can on pushing nUI6 with the stuff that has been live up until the release of 5.1; I highly doubt he had the ability to also focus on the material that has been on the PTRs for testing 5.1.

Not to mention the fact that he said he is not putting in the time to bug-patch nUI5 other than notifying users of when someone like Xrystal is able to do those on-the-fly patches while he focuses on nUI6.

There is always going to be addons that are not 100% compatible with freshly-released material - the day that all addons for a game are 100% tested & functional for a patch-day is going to be when we know that the game has become so stagnant that it isn't going to last much longer.

You just have to be patient.

Xrystal 11-28-12 06:19 AM

The first thing I did when logging in yesterday after the server came up ( fortunately I have a few days off this week ) was make sure I could play the game with no errors.

The only error I came up with was at login and due to another addon. I have yet to see a nUI error happening I was online for almost 20 hrs yesterday.

I didn't get to play against the Sha yesterday but as has always been the case with nUI 5 due to its base design ( hence the redesign for 6 ) is that the more stuff going on on the screen the more problems you get. This is more than likely due to the fact that when Scott wrote nUI initially it was for his own personal use. ( if I remember rightly that is )

Even before the patch hit yesterday I used to worry that my computer would collapse doing the sha fight as my laptop goes into heart attack mode when I have 40+ on the screen in raid40 display it has a hell of a time keeping up. My solution was (as a healer even) was to simply switch down to player mode as the built in raid window was also on the screen which is enough for my healing needs.

As Djinn said, I have been keeping an eye on nUI5 so that Scott can keep his eye on nUI6. Any errors that appear that are repeatable I have been looking into and attempting to fix. The recent comments on the thanksgiving table problem is proof of this but I didn't get a chance to spend too much time on it before the game holiday was finished but I am still unsure of how to fix it but will have to wait until next year to see if v6 gets the same problem.

awesomsauce 11-28-12 07:52 AM

Please don't get me wrong, I am not discounting any efforts put into this by anyone. I have tried to muddle through. I had these very same problems in ICC. I used a different UI when raiding, then came back to nUI+ when I retired from raiding. I had been using nUI+ exclusively since Spring of 2010. I am sure the patch day issues greatly exacerbated my frustrations yesterday, but there have been ongoing frustrations. I want to see this UI succeed. I want to be able to use it, but I just can't now. I will keep nUI+ on my travel laptop for testing once 6 becomes a stable release.

Xrystal 11-28-12 08:05 AM

I had the same problems with ICC. Until I upgraded my desktop PC I had to disable nUI to raid. Once I did upgrade though I didn't have half the problem I did before. I did a few raids in cata and didn't need to disable nUI to play and I was tanking at that point compared to healing in ICC. I am back to healing although I can tank but so far apart from the sha event only dungeon runs.

Having been there in the past I can understand the pain of having to turn off nUI just to play. Hopefully nUI6 will be a vast improvement in that case.

But don't forget that wow itself has been improved graphically so that computers that used to be able to play with little problems now have to downgrade settings to play comfortably.

Bloodbayne 11-28-12 01:40 PM

Fps Lag Issues
Yeah, My wife and I are having the same problems with FPS dropping from 150+ to around 5 FPS on seperate PCs. I did some testing and digging. I disabled all my addons but NUI+. I turned on display LUA errors. Attacked a training dummy and several enemy NPCs in different zones and as soon as I started combat the LUA error box popped up and the error count just kept climbing till I RL NUI+ FPS went to 5 but latency stayed around 41. I then tested other actions with cooldown timers such as trinkets and hearthstone and had the same results. I then turned off show cooldowns and times in the NUI+ config and that seemed to solve the problem for a couple of hrs. but then started back up last night before I logged out. Hope my efforts will help someone narrow down the problem and maybe come up with a hotfix. twizt3dkitty reported on another page on here that they have the same problem with NUI6.

Seer 11-28-12 04:15 PM

No problems in a 10 men raid today. Did turn of the new "loss of control" stuff added in the new patch, before I did that bugsack grabbed several errors. I think somebody allready posted them.

Think here

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