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Phanx 11-28-12 11:33 PM

5.1 compat flag not automatically enabled on new uploads
Since 5.1 is now the current game version, the "compatible with 5.1" flag should automatically be enabled for all manual uploads and SVN pushes. However, I'm pushing updates for all of my addons right now, and I'm having to manually edit the addon to check this box every time.

Phanx 12-06-12 02:49 AM

This is still happening, and it's really annoying having to go manually edit my addon every time I push a release from SVN to enable the "5.1 compatible" flag. :(

Dolby 12-06-12 02:50 AM

You mean it removes the 5.1 tag when its already set? Hrm, not sure how that is possible since the SVN system doesnt even write to that db table.


I see that it's setting the flag for the old system we had in place although that shouldn't be used in most places (where are you looking when you say it resets the 5.1 tag?). I removed the old db query anyway, so please let me know if that fixed it for you on your next push.


Phanx 12-06-12 03:28 AM

It's not resetting the flag, but I have been pretty lazy about posting 5.1 "updates" for all ~30 of my addons, and when I'm pushing releases from SVN for addons that have not previously been updated since Patch 5.1, it is not automatically setting the flag, so after I push, I have to to the addon page and manually edit it to set the flag. In the past, I believe pushing from SVN has always automatically set the compatibility flag for the latest WoW patch. I certainly don't remember having to manually edit dozens of pages to check a box when MoP came out. :p

Phanx 12-18-12 03:15 AM

This is still happening, including for new addons whose SVN repo and download page were created after the release of Patch 5.1. :(

Dolby 12-18-12 03:25 AM

Sorry it's not an easy fix now that the compatibility system is a little more complex. It's in the works to get fixed.

Phanx 12-18-12 08:18 PM

Can't you just make it check the latest version by default when pushing/uploading a new version?

Actually, Curse already has this multi-tiered compatibility system, and I don't really understand the point. There is just no legitimate reason for anyone to upload an addon for WoW 4.x, for example. Even China is more or less in sync with patches nowadays.

Edit: If it's too much work to auto-select it, please just add the checkboxes to the SVN push page so I can check it by hand there instead of having to click through 4 other pages to go to my addon list, go to the addon's page, edit the addon's page, check the box there, and submit.

Dolby 12-19-12 02:04 AM

Yep that was the plan and thats how it is now working, stayed up late to finish it for you. :)

The reason why it was a little more complicated is nothing is hard coded any more and Cairenn or any Admin can enter a new patch name and give it focus so I dont have to update it any more. So I just needed to plumb that data into the SVN / Git backend and make the needed changes to the push_zip db table. Then the code of course needs to take into account anything already set by the user and merge in the tag changes which is the easy part.

The reason for the multi tier system is more for the transition phase on patches or beta's. Some may want to release an update to their addon that both works on live and the ptr and mark it as such. Although like I said above this system is more for Cairenn so she can enter the patch name and reset flags.

Phanx 12-19-12 03:25 AM

I guess that's reasonable.... I'd just make Cairenn learn how to change the hard-coded number, though. :p

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