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Cripsii 11-29-12 04:00 PM

Aura filter editor
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For my new UI, I develloper an enhancement for Aura filter editor...

This add a new dropdown with know aura.. It's make the aura filtor editor easy to use without type the name of the aura..

Select the aura in the dropdown menu and it will be in the editbox where we type the name. And type enter or add the "!" before the name if you want to Not track the aura..

Know bug: After select the aura in dropdown, you need to set focus to editbox and press enter to validate the aura.. If you not set the focus to the editbox, you simply open the chat :)

files modified:
Obj_AuraFilter.lua in RDX/Designs/Objs
ListEditor.lua in VFL/UI/FrameClasses


sigg 11-30-12 11:54 AM

Hi Cripsii

Thanks you for your submission but I am sorry, I will not add it.

The dropdown must be implemented in the widget list editor directly, If you look into the code of the list editor, there is the following line.
-- TODO: support dropdowns

This feature is in my todo list for a long long time... Let me push it at the top level, because you need it.


Cripsii 11-30-12 12:26 PM

I see the dropdown line :) but at the moment, I'm help with this :)

I was pretty sure with see the dropdown line what you don't add it :) but if it can help somone in the waitting!

sigg 12-05-12 02:09 PM

Available in github


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