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angro 11-30-12 10:53 AM

2 cents worth of comments
hi, bad english, I know, bad chick also

Me too was wondering why Carbonite was gone loose for a time. Pitty for you all who comments, you didn't do the same as I did. I started looking for messages about Carbonite, and wonder o wonder, there was someone taking care. And he explained a lot of stuff.

You know, the messages are still on servers, you should look them up, and then, after you read them all, and had realy a complaint, you would be VERY WELCOME to share this with the community and especially with the dev.

Steering the boat from the wall is always easier than being the skipper.

Man did I suffer with lunatic Carbonite, no updates and so on, and you know even in the old days quests were broken, colors didn't show up, instances needed other adons etc..

Sorry Rythal, no good dev in lua, only good in comments, hope you see this as a positive one as I had to finally throw my hearth in the open.

until next update (skip 5.058, its a bad one :-) )

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