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CuCHuFLeTaS 12-01-12 06:47 AM

Yellow Bars
I updated the AddOn for the version 5.1 of the game and the action bars look yellow.


Dridzt 12-01-12 06:15 PM

That looks like missing textures.

Did you fully exit the game client?
If there's new files added the game will not recognize them until it's fully exited and restarted.

Magicalhats27 12-01-12 07:00 PM

Your textures/meshes look a little funky. Try re-installing it manually and see if you get the same problem. You shouldn't though re-install will most likely fix it.

- Cheers

Talyrius 12-01-12 10:12 PM

On a side note, that's lime green—not yellow. You may want to look into calibrating your monitor if it appears yellow.

Phanx 12-02-12 07:06 AM

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I think confusing green with yellow just means he's colorblind and it's actually indistinguishable from yellow. :p

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