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Razorhead63 12-02-12 12:53 AM

Mini map help please
Hi lads, I am partialy vision impaired and like a sligtly bigger minimap. Is that even possible?


Driller 12-02-12 04:16 AM

this might help you its NUI Minimap infopanel it moves the mini map to the info panel making it bigger.

Vis 12-02-12 08:13 AM

You can also toggle this command on and off and see if it's easier on the eyes for you.


/nui minimap

Toggle nUI's management of the minimap on and off. By default nUI takes control of the minimap and locates it in the center of the dashboard. Using this command will disable nUI's control of the minimap and return it to the default location in the top right corner of the display. Using the command a second time will resume nUI's management of the minimap. Note that the nUI_InfoPanel_Minimap plugin overrides the functionality of this command.

Razorhead63 12-03-12 09:47 AM

Thanks both of ya I will try it :)


Razorhead63 12-03-12 09:56 AM

Minimap Infopanel did work

That solutions seems best and with it hidden in a fight a nice touch :)

Razorhead63 12-03-12 10:33 AM

Fixed it myself :)

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