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kojimep 12-05-12 01:40 PM

Party Member Quests
I was wondering if anyone else is having issues where carbonite quest watch is showing party member's status about the quests, or even that they have the quest at all. If I hit L and open the quest window it will show the (1) that my buddy has the quest as well, but the quest watch window that is always up doesn't show the +! that it used to, or the quests that he has and I don't.

It used to work before 5.1 came out and I updated to carbonite 5.05.09 (i believe is the rev level). Also, my friend has a version from a before 5.1 released and his still correctly shows this information.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

****Update 12/8/2012

Played a little bit with my friend on 12/6/2012 and all of the sudden it was showing his quests in my quest watch, not sure what changed ( i know i didn't change anything), but it was working again....

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