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Bruce657 12-06-12 11:19 AM

Elder Coin "Bonus" Loot Window Addon
I'm looking for an addon that will update the bonus loot frame to display a list of items that you have a chance to win based on your class, spec, and raid difficulty (LFR / Normal / Heroic). I know I can find this information in the Dungeon Journal, but I usually forget to check ahead of time and it would be really convenient to have it available on screen when I get the popup and have to decide if I want to use an elder coin or not.

Assuming one doesn't exist, which I presume it doesn't, does anyone know if it's feasible or if there is some limitation that would prevent it from being possible to create said addon?

Vlad 12-06-12 03:31 PM

I agree, I found it a bit annoying too, but it is indeed doable, only curious how one detects what boss one just killed, so the addon looks up the right encounter to show you the loot, hehe. ;)

Tonyleila 12-06-12 04:02 PM

That woud be a great addon!
It shoud have an option to auto pass on Bonus rolls on bosses or on LFR you don't want to roll on

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