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Kcori 12-06-12 12:00 PM

Missing Extra Action Button

I was wondering if there's a way to get the extraactionbutton to show up using RDX? There are a few quests that use this, for example


sigg 12-09-12 05:49 AM

Hi Kcori,

Did you move the extra bar first ?
by deffault it is located on the bottomleft of the screen (I have changed in RDX to be default in the center of the screen now)

I am levelling my character to be able to test.

I will come back soon to you


Kcori 12-10-12 10:33 AM

Thanks Sigg..... I'm lvl'ing another toon, I should be able to test it out tonight.. I see where is should be, but i don't think it shows up.


Kcori 12-12-12 11:59 AM


The Extra Action button is still missing. I can see where the frame should be when moving around the Blizzard Elements, but doesn't show up when doing quests.


sigg 01-20-13 07:41 AM

Sorry for being so late
A fix is available in github


Kcori 01-25-13 08:10 PM

Sigg, Its working as intended. =)

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