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Starix 12-07-12 06:45 PM

Spell Type
Hi. Help I want to create addons which will distinguish types of spells (spell/aura)
How to receive type of a spell of spell or aura?

Thanks. :rolleyes:

Seerah 12-07-12 10:16 PM

Could you be a little bit more specific in what you need or wish to do?

Tim 12-07-12 10:24 PM

You will want to direct your attention at the following event: COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED
The rest of the information you need to be looking at can be found here ->

Phanx 12-07-12 10:35 PM

If you want to do something with auras (buffs and debuffs) you will probably want to use the UNIT_AURA event.

But, yeah, you need to be a lot more specific about what you want to do if you want a specific answer...

Starix 12-08-12 12:44 AM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 270368)
Could you be a little bit more specific in what you need or wish to do?

Would I like to make that at guidance of the cursor on spells showed spell type to be exact there is at this spell an effect of aura.

For example: If spells are hung up by any effect on Toltip of a spell writes "Aura - Yes"
If the spell is used simply that "Aura - No"

Still example: as it is Aura there has to be an inscription "Aura - Yes" this spell doesn't give aura "Aura - No"

If to be more exact I need to obtain data: whether gives a spell of aura or not.

sorry my English.

d87 12-08-12 01:49 AM

That's impossible, i.e. can't be acquired from game client

semlar 12-08-12 02:02 AM

Not technically impossible, you could record aura events in the combat log and unitaura using the base spell to build a database to reference after you've encountered it once.

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