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bwhansen 12-15-12 07:17 PM

Wha' Happened
Hard to believe there hasnt been any posts here for 4 days. Am I not getting new pages or did something happen here?

Noticed that you cant get to the NUIaddons website either.

Any news?

Xrystal 12-15-12 07:29 PM

Hmm worrying but might be just a problem with his provider. He's been gone longer than 4 days before. I don't start worrying until its been 3 months and a big api change is happening in wow rofl.

bwhansen 12-15-12 07:45 PM

Actually it wasnt that he hadnt posted for four days that made me wonder, it was that nobody had posted for 4 days. Usually somebody has posted something every day.

spiel2001 12-15-12 11:51 PM

I'm here. ~smile~ There just weren't any post I needed to respond to and I was unaware of issues on the web site. I just got word about it a short while ago and am looking into it.

Don't ever be afraid to drop me an e-mail if something is amiss with the web site. I often am not in a place where I can monitor it. If no one yells at me, I'm unaware there's an issue sometimes.

spiel2001 12-16-12 02:15 AM

Still working the server issue. Looks like we had some hardware failure this morning. The server is back online, but I'm still having issues getting it back on the network. It won't look at either of the 1gig network adapters. /hmph

Anyway... working it.

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