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gr0by 12-24-12 09:45 AM

change actionbar like a modifier change skill
a possibility to Actionbar 1 switch to Actionbar 2 like an modifier only when i push the button
like "/swapactionbar 1 2" press but without double.
hold button X change to actionbar 2 release the button change to actionbar 1


Phanx 12-24-12 04:48 PM

1) That is only possible with actual modifier keys: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, or some combination thereof. You can't do it with arbitrary keys like "Q" or "9".

2) You would need to use an actionbar mod that supports modifier paging, like Bartender4 or (maybe) Dominos. A macro can't do that, because a macro just runs once when you activate it, and does not respond to further keyup/keydown events. You need to actually set that up in your actionbar's state driver.

Seerah 12-25-12 10:50 AM

(And, yes, Dominos supports this, too.)

gr0by 12-26-12 04:04 PM

i download dominos but
how it works with dominos?

Seerah 12-28-12 10:39 PM

- go into config mode
- right-click the bar you want to change
- in the dropdown menu of the little config window that shows, one of the options is to change based on what modifiers you have down
---- if you want the bar to page to bar 5 when you hold down the control key, select bar 5 in the slider for Ctrl

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