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mjpeisher 12-31-12 02:07 PM

nUI Error, BugSack going crazy
Ok, I was doing Alterac Valley, and my UI had to all but be disabled it was getting so many errors.

I didn't have them when I left AV, though, until I logged in today. This error is very similar to the ones I was getting yesterday in teh BG though, so I will post it:


3x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn "nUI" tried to call the protected function "nUI_SoloUnit_Player_Aura2_Button2_HitBox:SetID()".
!BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:587>
<in C code>
nUI-5.07.29 (Plus)\Units\nUI_UnitAura.lua:326: in function <nUI\Units\nUI_UnitAura.lua:312>

I was getting close to 200 of these similar protected function errors in AV, now I am getting them in Orgrimmar.


Xrystal 12-31-12 02:26 PM

I assume that this is happening when you are mousing over the aura lists on your bottom left and right areas of your screen.

This is a known limitation as Blizzard introduced secure functionality for auras a while back and to alleviate the situation it was found that Scott's aura button plugin avoids this issue as it has the secure frames in use there.

As far as I recall at any rate. I get similar errors when I mouseover the aura lists so I know that action causes that error message.

mjpeisher 12-31-12 02:38 PM

So does that mean that this is avoidable by swapping out a function, or by upgrading to nUI6? Or is this just something that will need to be dealt with by avoidance?

Xrystal 12-31-12 08:37 PM

It's avoidable in the first instance by avoiding hovering over the aura lists in the lower left and lower right part of your scren. In the second instance if you download Scotts Aura Buttons addon it will change the lists to buttons and those buttons will allow tooltip display in and out of combat which is the problem with the list functionality. I am assuming nUI6 will resolve this issue anyway as the frames have been rewritten.

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