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j800r 01-02-13 12:34 AM

Shaded areas in MoP?
Are they coming? Are they already in the beta? The reason I use and love Carbonite is because it shows shaded areas on the map for ALL tracked quests, however I noticed by rolling a Pandaren that MoP zones don't have the shaded questing areas thereby completely eradicating the point of me using Carbonite in the first place.

Are the plans to add these for MoP zones? I understand if it's not the top priority as I'm sure many people don't consider it the top feature. Then again, I'm sure I can't be alone in this...


After reading more thoroughly I realise I may have posted this in the wrong section. My apologies. :$

Rythal 01-03-13 12:12 AM

It is one of the wanted features as it falls under carbonite knowing pandaria quests, it is going to be done but is a little ways down the queue.

Once I have the current release candidate working and released, fixing scenarios/dungeons/microdungeons my next step is redoing the entire map data system (which is going to anger a lot of people when it's released since it's going to break all current nodes/notes), once that's done then quest remake can be done.

Tho Tuloa is also working on decoding the quest database which will let us mine/add the quests to the current system, so quests might appear before that stage if his work goes well.

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