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Seankla 01-03-13 03:24 PM

Gold Farming Addon!
If you need to automate your gold making process, all you have to do is go to this website and DL the addon to make roughly 30k gold/day! Copy/paste the link into your browser (remove the spaces).

--link removed--

Dridzt 01-03-13 04:15 PM

This redirects to an external addon site.
The addon in question is sold for money (it's not a gold seller site instead an addon-selling site which is still against Blizzard's policy)

This is just to explain why the OP is reported.

I should probably mention that the same site was stealth-advertised on someone's signature until recently that wasn't a 1-post member (haven't checked if it is still)

Phanx 01-03-13 10:15 PM

Should probably just ban the OP of this thread. It seems pretty obvious he just signed up to spam that link, and isn't going to stick around to be part of the community.

If someone else is advertising that site in their signature, I'd vote for banning them, too. You have to be pretty stupid to put a link to something you know is against the rules in your signature and think that's okay...

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