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xienwolf 01-06-13 05:27 PM

Achievement Tracking from Other Addons
I happened to restart the game while hunting some rare battle pets, and I noticed that apparently one of the addons I have installed for that purpose displays a list of what pets I am missing for the zone I am currently in below my achievement tracking items.

Sadly, in the Carbonite list, this doesn't get collected, so I have never seen it before now.

However, some other addons which augment achievement tracking (like one which shows my the current count for things not normally displayed, like having the Shado Pan companions work with you on 15 daily quests) do get picked up.

Rythal 01-07-13 01:34 AM

This isn't a bug, achievement tracking and addons which automatically track or untrack achievements will work fine. Addons which insert new information into the tracking window won't since they are modifying blizzards tracking hud instead of carbonites.

xienwolf 01-25-13 10:00 PM

So far as I have been able to find, there is no way to restore the Blizz tracker other than minimize carbonite's tracker, then /reload.

Is there some way to make minimizing Carbonite's tracker have the option of toggling to Blizz tracker? Or allowing both to exist at once?

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