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Rythal 01-08-13 01:47 PM

Carbonite 5.1.1 is up
Changes: 5.1.1
Fixed map icons not showing (who would of thought something small like ID instead of Id would break everything)

JimJoBlue 01-09-13 03:37 AM

Gotta love that syntax.... :D

BillieJackFu 01-09-13 01:41 PM

Where is 5.1.1 up at?

Curse has Carbonite 5.1.1
WoWInterface has 5.1.0

Verified by checking the Carbonite.TOC on each download.

Rythal 01-09-13 07:03 PM

fixed. Both have 5.1.1 now

jpsgaming 01-09-13 07:11 PM

Quest info missing from tracker.
On the quest tracker many quest no longer have the little round button to push to show you the location of the quest or to highlight it on the map. Its just an empty little square.

These are quest that have had it available until the most recent 5.1.1 update.

Rythal 01-09-13 07:12 PM

yeah were already discussing it in the bug forum... it's only quests in Kasarang Wilds doing that.

Earlock 01-10-13 06:33 PM

First you are awesome to have taken on such a project and I thank you.

The old carbonite I used was very helpful when helping a friend quest. Even if you had done the quest as long as they were in a party this addon use to show me what they needed and where it was in the main map with a blue color showing a area or a colored dot of where to go. This works on my current quest and I have looked for something in options but cant fix this? I to was also not getting mining nodes in MOP but am writing this as I just downloaded today's update.

I have seen some rude complaints on the forum and want you to know that some of us 50yrs old lol cant imagine the huge undertaking you have done for US and again thank you

Cardenlore 01-11-13 12:38 AM

Not sure why....
But, all of a sudden, I have this green compass dead center of my screen.

I can't seem to find where to toggle it off/on.

Any ideas?

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