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Aanson 01-15-13 06:43 PM

Unsure of a func name
Hey again guys :)

I'm looking to hook a particular Blizz function, but I'm not sure what the function is called. I've got all the Blizz code and I've been looking through it without success.

I'll try to describe it... If you hover over an item in your bag and right click it, you'll either use the item or get a confirmation box re equipping BoE items.

It's that function that I'm after... the one that's called when you right click on the item. Any hints on where to find this would be greatly appreciated (all I'm looking to do is stick a bit of code in it that checks to see if the AH is open, and if it is, it navigates to the Auctions page and puts the item into the 'sell item box' if applicable).

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Seerah 01-15-13 07:34 PM

Aanson 01-15-13 07:41 PM

You're a star. Thank you!

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