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Fizzlemizz 01-16-13 01:36 AM

FizzleMazz - A poor man's Mazzle - or is it an add?
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I've had some requests about my rendition of the MazzleUI layout. While I iron out the last of the setup kinks I would like to elicit any comments, criticisms or obvious flaws (about the layout, not myself or why I'm still using Mazzle etc. ;)) before I bite the bullet and upload. Some hints on how and where to host to get better resolution screenshots would also be helpful.

FizzleMazz is not meant to be the mazzlegasm of every players dream that the original was. Instead, it should give you a good approximation of the bottom of the screen, two castles look and feel players had while Mazzified. Then it's up to you make the rest of your playing space your own. Some obvious things have changed like using IceHUD instead of the MazzleHUD but otherwise I've tried to keep the layout as faithful as possible to the original MazzleUI.

The automated setup supports 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 resolutions at the moment (and may be all it ever does until I update my monitor). You can select most addons to configure (Fizzify? ... nnaaa it'll never catch on) in case you want to replace them with your own preferred options although Chinchilla, Discord Art and Discord Unit Frames make up the main visual base of the layout.

There are 13 skins from the original Mazzle compilation included (authors accredited where possible) although the default Mazzle artwork won't be available (if you have a problem with that, ask MazzleFizz why not :D).

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Cairenn 01-16-13 02:09 AM

There shouldn't be any problem with Photobucket on our end, unless I'm greatly mistaken. :confused:

Fizzlemizz 01-16-13 02:19 AM

Edit: Never mind, I was using (misusing) the IMG tags :p. As always, thank you for your help.

Coote 01-16-13 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz (Post 271924)
FizzleMazz is not meant to be the mazzlegasm of every players dream that the original was.

What use is a Mazzle lookalike without the Mazzlegasm? One must get on their knees, and yell it out loud for all to hear. :(

Fizzlemizz 01-16-13 12:50 PM

Be careful what you wish for :p

Phanx 01-16-13 04:43 PM

While WoWI may not have any policies against using Photobucket, I would personally suggest you use an image host that doesn't depend on tons of non-standard JavaScript that doesn't work in all browsers. For example, I can't view full-size images on Photobucket in Opera without viewing the page's HTML source, reading through the semi-obfuscated JavaScript to find the full image URL, copying it, and pasting it in my browser's address bar. Worst of all, the entire site is totally dependent on JavaScript, and nothing works at all if JavaScript is disabled. It's probably even worse for people with actual disabilities. is a good option, though I'm sure there are others too.

Fizzlemizz 01-16-13 06:13 PM

Thanks Phanx,

I just discovered WowIs attachments and they seem to be much better than Potobucket. I will also take a look at

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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