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liquidbase 01-18-13 01:29 PM

DuffedUI: Strange problem with healthbar and castbar in vehicles

I got a problem with the healthbar and player castbar from 2 of 3 layouts in DuffedUI. Every time I'm in a vehicle the healthbar will not changed her value and the castbar for player will not appear. This issue I had only on layout 1 and 2, on layout 3 works all fine. On the video you can see the details. I had begun with the first layout and finished with the third.

YouTube-Video: Issue with castbar

The problem with this is that I get no Lua-error or taint. Same for the eventtrace. In addition, this is not limited to vehicles of MoP, but to all of the two layouts. If I take the vehicle into the target, but I see the target castbar and the change of health (not in the video).
I now go out of ideas on what to do could. Especially since the third layout works fine, except, or even within a vehicle.

Maybe someone has a idea why this happend.
Code of the current build => DuffedUI 7.1.2
Layout 1 => duffed.lua
Layout 2 => duffed2.lua
Layout 3 => merith.lua

Thanks in advance for any help.


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