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gmarco 01-23-13 04:22 AM

Configuration Frame
Hi all,

I'd like to add to my addons the possibility to be configured by a panel in Interface -> addons in game.

I am here to ask which is the better way to implement it, i.e. if it is better to use ACE3 or the standard options and if there is some places where I can check some code.

Thanks to all.

Phanx 01-23-13 07:04 PM

My answer would depend on the complexity of your configuration.

If you're planning an extensive multi-panel UI with dozens of options on each panel -- for example, Grid's config UI -- then I'd suggest using AceConfig or, if you're a serious masochist, AceGUI directly.

If you're planning a single panel, I'd suggest just writing it yourself using Blizzard templates (see PetBattleAutoForfeit for an example).

If you're planning a few panels with a few options each, I'd suggest either writing it yourself using Blizzard templates, or using some mini-libs to simplify generating the widgets, like tekKonfig (see StealYourCarbon or some of Tekkub's other addons) or PhanxConfig (see ShieldsUp for an example).

Seerah 01-23-13 07:26 PM

I've done all of the above myself. It all depends on how much you need.

Farmbuyer 01-24-13 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Phanx (Post 272312)
or, if you're a serious masochist, AceGUI directly.

Anytime I need to work with AceGUI directly, I begin my coding session by swallowing a live frog.

I can then proceed, confident that nothing worse can happen to me for the rest of the day.

Phanx 01-24-13 09:49 PM

I don't know. Maybe if you replaced "live frog" with "fire ant colony" we might be on the same page.

gmarco 01-25-13 03:38 PM

Thanks very much all for the kind replies.

I'll have all the weekend to check your suggestions :-)

Thanks again.

gmarco 01-26-13 01:43 PM

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I have updated a couple of addons ... and with Phanx suggestions it was easier than I thought.

Thanks again.

gmarco 01-27-13 05:20 AM

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Uhm there something strange.

I made the modifications for the config panel to 2 addons . As I said it was very easy using the code by PetBattleAutoForfeit Phanx addon.

But now I am experiencing a strange iussue I am not able to understand.

I see that one addon (autopsy) have a very nice about panel due to the:

Lua Code:
  1. if LibStub and LibStub("LibAboutPanel", true) then
  2.     options.about = LibStub("LibAboutPanel").new(, ADDON)
  3. end

This code is also present in the other addon (aggromon) but it doesn't have the about panel.

I am quite sure both addon code are quite similar (a lot of cut & paste) so it is very strange thing.

Could it be dependant by the load order or by another addon ? The one that works is loaded after.


Phanx 01-27-13 05:48 AM

Yes; as you can see from the first line of the snippet you posted, the About panel is only created if the LibAboutPanel library is loaded when that code runs. If you don't embed LibAboutPanel in your addon, then it's only going to be available if some other addon has already loaded it before your addon loaded.

gmarco 01-28-13 11:16 PM

Thanks very much for the answer Phanx.

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