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Brainn 01-27-13 04:03 AM

[Bug] MainMenuBar not completely hidden
With the fix for the ExtraActionButton you removed the MainMenuBar frame from parts of the blizzdisable scripts. Now, this leaves a invisible MainMenuBar frame at the bottom of the screen, and that frame covers my rdx actionbars, making it impossible to click on the buttons. MainMenuBar:Hide() solves the problem, but im not sure if the ExtraActionBar is still working then. Since those frames interact in some way i think the best solution would be to resize the MainMenuBar frames heigth to 1px ?

zork 01-27-13 05:28 AM

By default some frames have mouse enabled.

Lua Code:
  1. MainMenuBarArtFrame:EnableMouse(false)

Use /fstack and find whatever frame is causing this.

Brainn 01-27-13 10:15 AM

thanks zork

@l234, \RDX\BlizzFullDisable.lua helps - hope the blizzard guys did not put something to re-enable it somewhere in the onevent functions :)

sigg 01-28-13 02:15 PM

Add in Github


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