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Zarther 01-29-13 07:42 AM

Herb/Mining Nodes Hiding yellow dot

I'm coming back to wow after a bit of a hiatus. In the past, as I got close to a herb or mine node, the icon would turn into a circle so that I could see if there is an active node indicated by the yellow dot. Now it seems that the node icon does not change. Because of this I am not seeing the yellow dots when the appear because the node icon sits above the yellow dot and hides it. When I farm, the only way to see the dots is to route the zone then uncheck show herb and mine nodes. This is an extra step that is a wast of time. Also if I am questing I will miss herbs and mining nodes because the icon blocks the yellow dot.

Any suggestions? I have tried to search the forums and have not found any threads on this issue. Plus I have searched through the options of Carbonite to see if there is an option to turn this on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

jeffy162 01-30-13 06:49 PM

You could either make the Carbonite node icons small enough that the active node icon shows around them, or you can make the Carbonite node icons a little bit more transparent.

There's probably something else you could do, but that's the only thing I can think of offhand.

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