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Kcori 01-30-13 01:42 PM

[Bug] Chat Frames

I use 2 different chat frames, on the left side of my screen, i use General chat tab, guild chat tab, loot tab and a combat tab. On the right side of my screen I have another chat tab for all my whispers and the channels i join. The issue I'm having is when I log in, I can not see me joining the channel or any of the channel chats until I either rebuild the window or edit and save the tab. Also would it be possible to make chat tab non-interactive in settings like how blizzard makes chat frames non-interactive and also highlight when something is said in a particular chat tab?


sigg 01-31-13 11:31 PM

Hi Kcori

A fix is avilable in github for the login issue.

I am working on the other features.


Kcori 02-05-13 08:10 AM

It still doesn't seem to be working as intended. I can't tell whether I'm joining a channel or not, also if I type a message in the channel it doesn't show up either.

myrroddin 02-05-13 12:13 PM

Sorry for hijacking, but this seems related. After doing a scan of the auction house using Auctioneer, it prints out the difference data (# items removed, updated, outdated, etc) to the main chat frame. When using the Blizzard chat frames or an addon like Chatter, PhanxChat, or Prat, I see this printout. However, in RDX using Sitrax, Syla, or other theme, I never see this.

Also, I have other chat channels normally turned on, such as Trade, General, and World Defence, but again, I never see anyone talking in them while using RDX. I know people use them so much, that I had to create a new chat window called Spam in my non-RDX setup.

Kcori 02-05-13 12:40 PM

You can click on the the tab and the edit window will come up, just save it or you can just rebuild the window and that should work until Sigg fixes the issue....

myrroddin 02-05-13 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by Kcori (Post 272757)
You can click on the the tab and the edit window will come up, just save it or you can just rebuild the window and that should work until Sigg fixes the issue....

I have tried that, and it sort of works, sort of doesn't, which is why I asked. The part that doesn't really work is that when I create new windows, it squeezes the chat frames so densely, it is hard to select them, and I run at 1920 x 1080, which means I should have room.

As for saving to make sure the channels show up, they are on by default, and I don't see the Auctioneer printout, nor the Trade, World Defense, etc chatter. I have no clue about RDX's code, but it appears RDX is filtering.

Anyway, thank you for the suggestion, in case it helps someone else! :D

sigg 02-09-13 02:52 PM

I see the problem.

I will do some test about general channel.

The chatframe engine has been entirely rewritten to not use Blizzard ones.
If a external addon use ChatFrame1:AddMessage instead of DEFAULT_CHATFRAME:AddMessage, I am unable to catch it.

I have so many problems with the blizzard chatframes.

Kcori 03-18-13 05:16 AM

Hi Sigg,

There seems to still be an issue with the chat frames. It seems now that even if a particular channel isn't checked off under the Edit ChatFrame (second chat window), its still showing all activity in chat window. Also when first logging on, its not showing me joining the channel.


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