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MNKyDeth 02-02-13 02:06 AM

Possible classbar bug?
Not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.

I copied the classbar from the Sitrax oobe. I then made some changes to it. Set it at 240 and made a subframe so the border would overlay the texture graphics.

At the same time if I switch to the Sitrax theme the same issue appears on the classbar as my modified one.

The issue is, that on my druid spec'd as moonkin the Solar and Lunar bar does not update unless I rebuild the window or refresh it from package explorer. It is not updating as I cast or as the cast lands.

Edit, I also tried setting periodic repaint and that did not help with updating the frame. This is using the latest git from 2-2-13

sigg 02-02-13 04:48 AM

Hi MNKyDeth

A fix is available in the github for the classbar.

se the window wizard to copy a window from a other theme.


MNKyDeth 02-02-13 11:57 PM

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I updated to the latest Git on 2-3-13 at 12:30am EST.

The class bar still seems to be having problems. I recorded a small video using my theme and the Totorox theme. That way you could see exactly what is happening with the bar not updating as I cast spells with my druid.

sigg 02-03-13 01:12 AM

I see.

you don't have the mookin form.

Without the mookin form event are disabled. I always thougt the mookin form was necessary.

A fix is available in the github


MNKyDeth 02-03-13 12:49 PM

Thanks Sigg

The bar now works as expected.

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