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Mageleader 02-04-13 04:41 PM

Quest Giver Marks & One Seggestion
I've noticed that a lot of the dailies are marked as normal quests. Some of them turn blue after you have done them before but others like the Shattrath cooking and fishing dailies are marked as yellow regular quests and once you have done all of them there is no longer a mark for them. Those aren't the only ones that do this or are marked wrong they're just the only ones I remember off the top of my head. There's also a lot of quests that don't show up in the data base or won't show up until you get into the right zone.

It would also be nice to see Carbonite and the addon Pet Tracker work together to make pet tracker actually work with the Carbonite map or integrate a pet node import similar to the mining and herb nodes.

Rythal 02-04-13 07:20 PM

it could just be my build I don't know for certain 100% anymore, but for me pet tracker integrates just fine.. when I open the carbonite map it has the little creature icon in the top right corner... if i click it the dots appear all over the map as they should.

Mageleader 09-04-14 06:30 PM

Pet Tracker
Mine does the same ur image is showing there but if u look the icons are in the wrong spot (theres no pets in the water of SW, compare it to the WoW map and you will see what I mean also a lot of time u can't click on the icon and now the search bar doesn't show up on the carbonite map also if u zoom or scroll the map the pet icons don't move or don't move right also a lot of times they don't change when you scroll over a different zone.

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