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zork 02-13-13 03:10 PM

DiscoKugel 2
Today I found out that ScrollFrames actually crop frames. Any frame. Any. Any? YES ANY!!!

I wrote a test mod around that finding.

Testcases are:
- Split orb (health and mana combined each in half-orb with seperated model animations and statusbars)
- health orb with model animation
- health orb with model animation and texture animationgroups (rotating galaxies) combined

Worked out perfectly.




Now all you need is an open mind and some free time to play with. :)

zork 02-13-13 05:00 PM

Added a spark texture test.

So the visual seperation is not that harsh.


Thus I'm now very close to the original which is:

humfras 02-13-13 06:14 PM

>>> THIS! <<<

Looks wonderfull.

Coote 02-14-13 11:21 AM

Keep up with the awesome work, Zork! You continually blow my mind with some of this stuff.

Clamsoda 02-14-13 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Coote (Post 273004)
Keep up with the awesome work, Zork! You continually blow my mind with some of this stuff.

Agreed! I was smiling when I saw how excited you were in the ScrollFrame thread. I was also following your configuration element thread, and I was nearly motivated to try some of it myself.

Can you explain why this method is so much better than the old method you were using (alpha fading I believe?)

zork 02-14-13 11:48 AM


This is the current state with alpha fading in oUF_Diablo

Since I did not know about cropping of frames, to actually see the filling texture (that depletes on value change) I had to reduce the animation opacity on value change aswell. Otherwise you will always see the animation and not recognize that you are about to die or the like.

This is the new orb with the new technique:

No more alpha blending needed since I can crop an animation while keeping 100% opacity.

Additionally as another plus I can crop animated textures on the same run. Thus I can combine galaxy animations and animation models.
Another plus is that I can now add a spark texture (which I did) without it being ontop of the animation (that only fades out/in) and looking awkward.

Of course the background and overlay textures are just that. Textures. You can replace them with any other texture giving the orb a completly different look which is what I did with the Torchlight1 look-alike.

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