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Mutaytor 02-14-13 10:28 AM

A moment of introduction and of idiocy...
Hola, Hello, Sup~,

I am an old contributor to the nUi warchest who recently came back to wow, so after cursing as ugly mod after ugly mod... I was like wait... SCOTT!

So 2 issues I have had... first i think i dl'd the wrong version - i got the lite... gonna download the others today.....

well that's not the first....

I have had some issues with mouseovers on loot drops.... ones that show near the top action bar... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt...

Also on the simple hud.... the green orange bar... I asked Scott about it years ago... I swore he said it was the health race - tried to turn it off - it still is there..... little help?

Turkeyburger, Guardian Druid of Hyjal~

spiel2001 02-15-13 06:50 AM

The command you're looking for, to turn off the health race bar, is this...
  • /nui hud healthrace

    This option toggles display of in-HUD health race bar on and off
You can see the complete list here: -- you can also use the in-game help... '/nui help' will show you the top level commands. '/nui help hud' will tell you the HUD commands and '/nui help all' will show you everything.

As for the mouseover... that's a layering issue that's been around forever. Hopefully I'll fix it once and for all in nUI6. In the meantime, just make sure the dead mob is not directly behind the loot window and you should be fine... you can just rotate the camera so the mob is out from behind the loot windows to fix that.

Mutaytor 02-16-13 03:30 AM

Hey Scott after a little tweaking of movers and things for my monks chi meter... I am noticing that the action bar on the right hand side on the top the shading seems a bit heavier on the top... actually i think the shading is off a pixel either too think or missing comparing it to the other action bar on the top row.... i realize its a small error.... but the ui is so sexy... its like dating a super model that has one CRAZY long eyelash..... no mater how beautiful she is.... your looking at that eye lash lol


spiel2001 02-17-13 12:31 PM


You talking about nUI5, I presume? If so, it's all being reworked in nUI6 anyway. Hopefully that eyelash got trimmed? ~grin~

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