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Troox 02-15-13 07:50 AM

hasAggro Flag?
In my old RaidFrames there was a hasAggro flag, used to change the Unitnamecolor to RED if a Unit has aggro. Is this "old" status reproduceable in 5.1? The old method used (if i remember right) was "Unit in Set -> hasAggro" pretty old i think. Last time i'm raiding was in Wrath of the Lich King. Its pretty nice as a Healer to see if someone in the Raidgroup pulled aggro :)

Second thing... Can i create Ora2/3 like Maintank Frames/Targets with RDX - maybe created my pharsing the Role choosed by the Player?

sigg 02-16-13 03:17 AM

The aggro flag has been replaced by Colorthread

and the maintank is still possible. Let me add it to the window wizard.


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