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zork 02-17-13 02:47 PM

oUF_Diablo 1.5
Actually I had different plans but that got stomped by the ScrollFrame finding.

So I'm currently in the process of rewriting the orbs for oUF_Diablo in adaption to DiscoKugel2.



Hopefully things will work out properly. I ripped apart huge parts of the config.

I'm currently testing orb values on mouseover. Added on optional switch for that. It can be OK for some classes not to know the exact values all the time. For my warrior that just doesn't work out because I have to pool rage and need to know the values at any time.

zork 02-20-13 06:10 PM

So...I started working on the ingame orb configuration.

This is where I'm at:

Getting all the basic functions to work eats up so much time.

The config will allow orb configuration stuff. Textures, color, animations and such. Plus it should support templates.

zork 02-23-13 07:47 PM

Nearly finished.

Added the templating stuff. Those copy table issues were kind of a nailbiter.

wodaji 02-23-13 08:44 PM

Hunter Pets
Hey boss,

When I'm on my hunter and my ferocity pet dies, we have the option of using phoenix to pop it back up without having to cast resurection. Unfortunately, the pet bar disappears right when the pet dies. Is there a way to fix the pet bar so that it doesnt leave just cuz the pet is dead but requires an actual dismissal?

Many thanks for all the work you do!


zork 02-24-13 05:58 AM

Oh. Yeah that is my bar condition. I hide it for dead pets. :) but that condition can be removed.

I fixed the error in the SVN. Will be part of the next update in 5.2.

zork 02-24-13 05:06 PM

Holy moly. I think someone at Blizzard plays with my UI and supports me with UBER-animations.

Those animations are from the PTR. NICE!

10leej 02-26-13 01:43 AM

My god, we'll have more 3d UI's in no time at all.

zork 02-26-13 05:19 PM

Sooooo close. :)

Finished all the important code. Only need to connect the last sliders.
Templating is done.

Kendian 02-26-13 05:32 PM

This is such a popular UI, making it this much easier, or accessible rather, to the casual user is going to be HUGE. I can't wait to have a copy to play with, rofl. This is awesome, Zork, truly brilliant~ :D

zork 03-01-13 03:34 PM

Version 1.01 is finished! :)

Going to add some templates now/testing everything inside out.

Phanx 03-01-13 05:51 PM

Looks good, but can't you use an image host that isn't slow as molasses in winter and has ads that pop up over the image? :(

Dawn 03-01-13 07:52 PM

Loads fast for me and no ads with adBlock. :)

You realize everyone is going to cry for a GUI for all features of Roth UI now, do you? :D

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