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Seerah 02-24-13 04:49 PM

Pick for 2/24: Pet Battle Stone (new)
Pet Battle Stone:

For pet collectors looking for rare (blue) pets and those who wish to boost the power of a battle pet, there is no item more prized than the various Battle-Stones. However, if you collect or battle on more than one of your characters, your battle-stones may be spread out across those different characters' inventories. This addon is a LibDataBroker plugin which keeps track of how many stones you have of which type as well as what types each character is carrying. Not sure if you should keep farming for a rare Giraffe Calf? No worries - Pet Battle Stone reminds you that you have a Flawless Beast Battle-Stone on one of your alts.

Keep track of your battle-stones with confidence. Download this addon here.

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