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Gahera 04-18-13 09:14 PM

Self-Completion Quest
I have just now made the switch to the beta Carbonite from the release version. This was after a delete of the Interface and WTF folder to refresh all my mod.

I noticed there is a fundamental difference between both version for one of the option I enjoyed a lot in the old version. I think there is nothing wrong with the new behavior but I would like both options to be present.

This is related to the option: Auto Turn In Self-Completion Quest that is under the Quest Options tab of the Quest Options Module.

I do not remember the exact wording of the option in the old version but my guess is that it was: Auto Trigger Self-Completion Quest. As you can guess, as soon as I would complete a Self-Completion Quest, the turn in window would open automatically for me to read the flavor text and accept the next step of the quest chain.

Currently, the option that is available in the Beta turns in the quest and accept next step as soon as I complete the quest taking away my ability to read the flavor text.

Is it possible to add the old option to the list as they are both useful feature but fundamentally different. This would accommodate both people who play for the lore and people who want to complete quest ASAP.

Thank you.

--Edited for clarity

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