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Datal 04-19-13 10:46 AM

ActionBar 6 & Fonts
So i've configured most my ui to my liking. Only last few things i have to do is change the font and enable a 6th action bar such like bartender allows you to do, if its possible with just the RDX package. And i'd also like to change the font of the ui completely, if its possible to do so. Thanks in advance -Datal Hyjal

sigg 04-20-13 12:09 AM

First request :
You have to create manually a new window and use the id ActionBar2
I have never created the actionbar2 in any themes.

Second request :
No, you have to change the font manually in each window.


If you play on Hyjal, sometimes I am connected (Siggus Alliance side) in case you have some questions

Datal 04-20-13 08:52 PM

Alright, thanks for the help!

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