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Saiket 06-11-13 02:42 AM

Addon abandonment request
Could an administrator please move all of my addons to the outdated category? I've been away from WoW for quite a while now, and it looks like I won't ever renew my subscription. It was surprisingly hard to maintain enthusiasm (and time) for mods in a game I didn't play, despite addons being the main reason I played for as long as I did!

For any users that also happen to be developers with spare time and an interest in picking up my projects, feel free to branch off of my Google Code SVN repo; It's all under the GPLv3. Apologies in advance for the WIP code I may have left on the trunk. I'll keep listening to PMs here or emails ( on Gmail) in case you need tips or code explanations.

To everyone that relied on my mods, I'm sorry for going silent for so long.

Cairenn 06-11-13 03:18 AM

Sorry to see you go Saiket. You will be missed. :(

All your addons have been moved to the outdated category as per your request.

Safe travels. Hopefully we'll see you again in some other game further down the road. :)

Tonyleila 06-11-13 06:25 PM

Sad to hear this Saiket :( But thank you for your hard work!
I realy loved MiniBlobs, Cursor, NPCScan and especially VirtualPlates!
I hope someone will pickup NPCScan (also if it works fine right now I fear I will stop working some day).
And I don't realy know if it makes sense to move the addons to outdated if they are still working.

Cairenn 06-11-13 08:41 PM

Aye, they might still work, but the author asked for them to be moved, so ....


Dridzt 06-12-13 07:05 AM

Thank you for the excellent addons and for being an innovator in the mod authors community as well :)
Your addons were often original and pushing the envelope of what addons can do in WoW.

Take care and keep having fun.

Phanx 06-12-13 01:42 PM

I may take a look at Cursor in the next couple of weeks; I've been using it for a while, and it's really helpful, so if the code isn't too horrifying I might adopt it.

Anyone looking for an NPCScan replacement should check out SilverDragon (WowAce link; WoWI page is outdated). Unlike NPCScan it isn't solely dependent on caching, so in many cases it can detect NPCs that are already cached. It has some integration with NPCScan.Overlay as well.

Torhal 06-13-13 02:09 PM

I'd like to take over NPCScan and NPCScan_Overlay here on WoWInterface.

Cairenn 06-13-13 03:03 PM

Ownership of NPCScan and NPCScan_Overlay changed to Torhal.

Vlad 06-14-13 01:17 AM

Aw Saiket, sad to hear, but hopefully you can hang around on the forums, though I know it's hard if you have other things to tend to. Anyway, thanks for the ride!

@Torhal, just mentioning NPCScanEx (wowi, curse) that if you don't add it by default, try making all the db accessible from the outside so I can! :P Some people enjoy tracking all rares, even the low level once. ;)

Torhal 06-14-13 07:27 AM

I'm in the process of getting the projects set up for Git and the CurseForge packager, then I'll be looking at the Python scripts he has for data-gathering (or e-mailing him about them!) and from there...? :)

jeruku 07-14-13 07:53 PM

I would like to request the adoption of _Miniblobs.

Cairenn 07-15-13 10:37 AM

Ownership of _Miniblobs transferred to jeruku, as per request.

jeruku 07-15-13 06:23 PM

Many Thanks

Originally Posted by Cairenn (Post 281181)
Ownership of _Miniblobs transferred to jeruku, as per request.

Thank you kindly.

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