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Gregity 07-30-13 02:48 PM

Looking for someone to take over QuestGuru

I'm the current maintainer of the QuestGuru AddOn developed by MrObrien. It is my favorite AddOn and I picked it up when MrObrien dropped it.

At the time, I had the time to devote to the project but my RL situation changed a couple of years ago and I've been struggling to just keep it alive.

I need somebody who is willing to take over the AddOn as I don't want it to die and I no longer have the time or energy to do much besides dabble.

Please send Gregity a PM if you are interested in taking over the AddOn.


Lazare 09-10-13 12:00 AM

I have sent you a PM with no response from you, but will send another as I would love to take this over. QuestGuru is one of the first quest log addons I downloaded and love it to death!

Cairenn 09-10-13 12:17 AM

If/when you get permission to take it over, just make sure to have him post in here or send me a PM giving confirmation so that I can transfer ownership to you.

kasca 09-10-13 08:50 AM

Ekk oh dont let it die. I wont know what to do with out it!!! :eek:

Emmaleah 09-10-13 11:13 AM

Thanks for volunteering. I too love this addon and really appreciate the efforts that the creator and previous maintainers have devoted to it.

Lazare 09-11-13 03:40 PM

For me this was one of the first quest log addons that I used (I started playing in May 2005) and love it to death. i have tried others in the past but nothing compares to it. I am "retired" (54 yro, on disability and pretty much only play WoW). WoW keeps me "out of trouble" and I started programming when I was 17 on IBM mainframes (I know, back in the dark ages of computers...). I have one other addon that I am an author for (see my sig) so QuestGuru would get all the love and attention that it needs if I am lucky enough to be able to take it over.

kasca 09-12-13 01:36 PM

HURRAH!!!!!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
Thanks sooo much

Lazare 09-15-13 06:36 PM

Gregity PM'd me today that he is going to continue maintaining QuestGuru for now as things have changed for him again and he can keep playing WoW. He even did an update today for it I noticed. So between him maintaining it and me waiting in the wings for the day he can't, QuestGuru will stay ALIVE!

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