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Kowlyck 08-17-13 11:40 AM

Still a valid addon?
Hi I just recently found this addon and I like what I see. Im just curious if the author is still working on this or has it, like so many I find and like, gone by the wayside. I don't see any updates or replies from anyone about this addon in 4 months so that worries me that it is now a lost and forgotten addon. Thanks.

sigg 08-17-13 12:20 PM

Hi Kowlyck
Always working on the project


Kowlyck 08-17-13 01:36 PM

Ok, cool. Thank you. Now if I can figure out how to turn off the tooltips for the spells in combat. I don't want them coming up when I mouse over the spells in combat. But I love this so far.

sigg 08-24-13 01:36 AM

At the moment, the option HideInCombat in the menu Gametooltip of the desktop (Tab G of the desktop tool) only hide the gametooltip of unitframes.

In the next version it will also hide gametooltips of the action bars.


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