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Chapo 05-08-06 12:41 PM

Weapon's change
Oki i always understand the most of files etc. but when i got my downlaod from i really did not know what to do.... 1st thing is i want to update my model of 2different weaps to 1 and the same ofc the GM longswords if anyone can give me a little walktrough or a trow a rock to the road i need to walk then thnx

BTShrump 05-08-06 01:37 PM

open up the mpq file with weapons, find the sword grafic you want extract it (I think thats the right mod anyways) then find the model you are curerctly useing & copy the name.

Paste the name of your weapon model with that of the model you want to use.

log into wow & all models that use it will now change to the new one, not just yours. (Client side only)

hope that helps

brotherhobbes 05-08-06 02:35 PM

I hate to be one of "those" people, but just a little heads up that Blizzard doesn't like you doing this.

From the "Slouken: Art Replacement = Bad?" thread at

Changing the interface art is fine. Everything else is off limits.

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