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Xanth 05-11-06 02:24 PM

Armor texture set help
I've successfully made my own mount skins, such as a pink epic sabre etc with little problem. I tried to do the same thing with my Giantstalker armor. I followed the same technique of extracting out the .blp, converting it to .tga and modifying it in Photoshop. I set the alpha to white, and then save as 32bit. I run it through the converter to get it back to .blp and insert into the proper directory. The shoulders and helmet work, while the rest of the armor is invisible. It seems to be an alpha layer problem, but I've tried full white, full black and a grey shade...non of which seem to work. If anyone can lend me some tips I would be grateful.

pzarr 05-11-06 05:39 PM

I've had a very similiar problem, either the armor wont show(helm and shoulders look great though), or it scrolls through various textures.

Xanth 06-04-06 12:45 AM

Anyone ? it's got to be something simple I'm overlooking :confused:

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