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Duugu 03-21-14 09:32 PM

How to 'reset' SetPortraitToTexture()?
It's easy to set a texture to a round shape with SetPortraitToTexture. But how do I reset the texture back to the default square shape? :)
It this even supported?

Phanx 03-21-14 10:25 PM

Just use SetTexture on it.



Duugu 03-22-14 08:34 AM

Doh. I'm that stupid.
Tried that before I posted my request. Did not work.

Now I realized, that I've hooked SetTexture to apply SetPortraitToTexture if the texture changes and completly forgot that hook. I've tried a hour or so to 'reset' the texture with SetTexture and was perplex that nothing happend. :D

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