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cziftan 07-02-06 09:04 AM

Dragonstalker mod
I have one qestion...
there is a mod changing tier2 color for hunter-name ''Ds skins''

it is forbidden? ;p


Cairenn 07-02-06 09:11 AM

There used to be, but in 1.11 Blizzard disabled the loophole that allowed these to function. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

cziftan 07-05-06 10:39 PM

yap that is very sad ....i must use to this :( ,
anyway thx for answer.

and cya :confused:

Vlad 08-22-06 09:29 AM

It is still possible to apply skins if ur using a neat trick.

Cairenn 08-22-06 09:30 AM

It's not a "neat trick", it's a hack and it's against Blizzard's rules and it shan't be discussed on this site.

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