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Aerotechx 03-31-05 04:27 PM

Link code help needed!
hi there.

I'm making my own UI and want to add a button on the login screen. Well the button etc. is there but I don't know the right XML Code for a link to my site...

this is what I got:


<Button name="AccountLoginVisitThor" inherits="GlueButtonSmallTemplate" text="Visit THoR">
                <Anchor point="BOTTOMLEFT">
                                <AbsDimension x="10" y="120"/>
                        HERE THE LINK CODE SHOULD BE I THINK!

Hope someone can help me.

the link will be: :D




This is in the AccountLogin.xml ofcourse :-)

Aerotechx 04-03-05 02:45 PM

Noone knows what to do?

Or is this just being ignored atm? :P

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