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nexzt 08-11-06 10:54 AM

Help, Would like Input
I have just rolled a priest and I wanted some input from other players that play priests on some good mods for instances and raids to help make it easier on priests..

I know alot of people use CT_raid for raids but what about for instances and stuff?

[I also dont know if i really posted this in the right forum, if a mod thinks somewhere else is better plz move this]

utfreak 09-02-06 12:41 PM

I heard decursive was a good mod.
Didn't really look into it so I don't really know much abot it.

Zyph 09-25-06 07:48 PM

I always used Ralak's Needy List for healing. I do strongly recommend learning to heal without Addons first tho. Ii will help later on.

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