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arodriguezc 09-15-06 09:28 AM

UI for Druid
Hi guys… I just started using add-ons and I think they rule! Thank you making all those useful add-ons that I have downloaded. I used to have cosmos and even though it’s a good UI it had way too much information for me. I have tried UI Charcoal and I get an even better screen layout but I notice that when it comes to druids and their constant shape shifting it tends to loose just a little bit. Anyone know where what UI can I get for a druid class? Ty in advance.

Durnt 12-31-06 03:26 PM

for the druid class i cant really say just one mod...there are quite a bit that are useful for many classes
The big mods for druids that i use are:
-Outfitter(or i guess itemrack or any of the other wardrobe mods...i like this one the most)
-Bartender 3(removes the blizzard action bar graphics and bars and gives you bars that you can modify and add keybinding to easily)
-TrinketMenu(lets ya switch around trinkets and easily assign keybindings to trinkets)
-X-perl unitframes(changes how you see players hp so its easier to read)
-Ctmod /w Raidassist (Basically all classes really need and i reccommend going to for updates for it)
-MCP(master control panel, allows you to enable or disable addons in game as well as set up character profiles
-EquipCompare (lets ya see what item you are wearing when
-Mobhealth3 (lets ya see approx. hp of enemy)
-Druidbar(shows mana in shapeshift forms but i cant find an updated version)

just to name a few

jackbytor 12-31-06 04:02 PM

This one was posted yesterday on a different site. :( Looks really neat. If I hadn't spent 2 hours working on my druid's UI to get it the way I want it, I might try this one.

Good Luck

Ackley 01-04-07 02:27 PM

Shape Shifting
figured this would be the best place to post this, if im wrong plz let me know, new to WOWI. but i am searching and searching for an addon that can simply cancel my shapeshift when i (this is the biggest complaint) try to talk to someone (NPC). i cant find anything even close, other then "StupidMount2" which i love btw. anyways, i just cant stand clicking a healing button in a panic, and tada, im in bear form, and i missed the hotkey, instead of just hitting healing twice (once to cancel bear form, other to cast spell), i gotta find the key to go back to human, then find the healing key again. and to make it worse, i go travel form, run to a griphon master, and of course, forget to change back before i can talk to him, i know others feel my pain here. if something exists, could someone please point me in the right direction? or maybe someone who knows an easy rewrite to a close UI/addon? sorry if it sounds like im complaining, i swear im not, just dont wanna be under descriptive and have ppl saying "what?!" thanks for your time :)
on second thought, maybe i should have put this in the addon request forum, if this is completely out of line, please moderators delete this post and i will repost it appropiatly (SP) in the proper forum. thanks

Durnt 01-04-07 03:59 PM

for the talking to npc in shapeshift problem, i think they are allowing you to talk in shapeshifts next can in the beta already(and it is freakin awesome =))

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